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The Veteran's Mural Association is a group of American Patriots that have helped to create, maintain, and grow a series of breathtaking murals honoring our nation's finest. Starting with just a single Mural, the wall has grown to incorporate four separate murals into one. With each Mural honoring the veterans of a different foreign war.

With space on the mural wall gone, we moved to establish a permanent fixture that would allow us to add new artwork every year, to continue the tradition of honoring veterans.


And Patriots Park was born!

Patriots Park was built directly next to the Mural Wall and is a place where 11 different commissioned pieces of veteran inspired or created artwork are displayed all year long. Each Veteran's Day the artwork is removed and replaced with an all-new line-up of commissioned artwork, keeping it an ever changing tribute that the community can be proud of. (See Below)

The annual unveiling ceremony allows us to tell the stories behind the artwork and give recognition not just to the wonderfully talented artists, but to the subjects of their art.

Our Mission Statement:

To Preserve History and Promote the Arts.



The Veterans Mural Association has been adding Mural sections and hosting a Veteran's Day event nearly every year since the first event in 2011.


In 2021 Patriots Park was first established. Patriots Park has been and will remain a mainstay of the Veteran's Mural Association's continuing efforts to honor those who have served.

Many thousands of Americans have come from all over the nation to witness the brilliant artwork and be a part of the festivities. Always to honor our nation's veterans and the sacrifices they've made for you and me.


With growing interest and recognition each passing year, we are proud to bring these rich moments to life here on our website, but also by continuing to create lasting memories with each new year as we host additional events. Each of the photos below come from a different year's Veteran's day event.

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Support Our Cause.

Our Generous donors have enabled the creation and maintenance of the Amherst Mural Wall and Patriots Park. We are currently working on beautifying the parking area, along with continually maintaining the art.


We are on track for another successful Veterans Day event with all new commissioned Veteran Art for the Patriots Park display!

With your support, we seek to raise enough funds to begin having Veterans Recognition events on other holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Our mission has always been:

To Preserve History and Promote the Arts.

You can help us with that mission by making a contribution today! Just click the "Donate" button below!

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